Fanciest toilets in the world featured at San Francisco TOTO showroom

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- People who visit Japan often come back raving about the sushi, the public transit, and more recently the bathrooms.

Japanese company TOTO has some of the most advanced toilets in the world at a showroom in San Francisco.

"It's basically like going to the spa," TOTO Washlet assistant manager Amy Rubinger said.

The company plans to hold Japanese culture events at the showroom, such as tea tastings and sake tastings. "And so people will come in to come to the events and you know we'll have a lot of food and drinks laid out, so they'll naturally gravitate toward the bathroom," Rubinger said.

Call the new showroom a delicate way to bring Americans up to speed with a trend that's happening globally. Just like everything else in our lives, bathrooms are getting high tech.

Some of the toilets have heated seats, are self-cleaning and even come with a built-in bidet that aims to put rest back into the restroom.

The wraparound cosmic imagery on the walls of the showroom isn't for sale, but the company does promise the cleansing warm water massage will feel like a trip to another world.

The one thing that might hurt is your wallet as the toilets range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000.

However, the manufacturers did point out that you'll save money and trees by using less toilet paper with the high-tech toilets.

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