Bay Area's record week ahead for dry weather pattern

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 26 dry days and counting, our pattern of consecutive rain-free days began back on January 29. The week ahead will feature some major milestones as our dry pattern is forecast to continue into the end of February.

On Tuesday, at 28 days rain-free, San Francisco will enter the top 10 driest periods in recorded history. This will quickly accelerate on Friday, day 31 of our dry pattern, where San Francisco enters the top 5 driest stretches in recorded history.

As we wrap up February on Saturday without any rain in the forecast, we will have gone the entire month without a drop of wet weather. This has only happened one other time in recorded history, more than a century and a half ago in 1864.

The longest San Francisco has ever gone without rain is 43 days. If we make it to March 11 of this year we will tie that record as well.
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