Additional felony animal cruelty charges for suspected San Jose cat killer

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- South Bay prosecutors are filing more animal cruelty charges against Robert Farmer, whom authorities say went on a three-month cat killing spree in San Jose.

"I filed a felony complaint, an amended felony complaint adding seven new charges," Santa Clara Co. Deputy D.A. Alexandra Ellis.

That now makes 10 felony animal cruelty charges against Farmer, 10 cats that were killed, injured or missing.

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The 24-year-old was arrested last October, sleeping in his car. With him were two cat collars and a dead cat in the vehicle.

That cat is still a missing link.

"We are still unable to identify the orange female tabby with long hair that was found in possession of the defendant," Ellis said.

Ellis said that two of the seven new charges were added Monday when they identified the owners of the two cats wearing the collars found in Farmer's car.

On Monday, ABC7 News spoke with Leo Martinez, whose cat Thumper wore the pink collar.

June Rovai, whose cat Traveller wore the other collar, came to the hearing.

Her cat was never found but Rovai says she now knows Traveller was one of Farmer's victims.

Tuesday was the first time she saw him in court.

"It's hard to tell you the kind of feeling that I have that went through my heart and soul. I really wanted to hurt him," Rovai said.

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Also there was Mariam Petrova, whose cat GoGo was snatched from her front lawn by a man whom police say is Farmer. All of that was captured on security camera.

"I will be in every trial here to see that justice will be served to Farmer," Petrova said.

Farmer will be back in court January for a plea hearing.

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