San Jose city officials reassure community on immigration

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- An increase of calls from concerned immigrant families has flooded the San Jose city agencies. San Jose police, the Mexican Consulate and Immigration Advocates gathered Friday to reassure all immigrants that the city's police dealing with the issue has not changed.

FULL VIDEO: SJ officials discuss immigration enforcement

San Jose is rich in cultural history, much of it coming from immigrant families who settled here. Those families were reminded, despite what may happen at the federal level, local leaders say undocumented and documented immigrants will be respected equally.

Rachel Guadalupe is spending a lot of time indoors. Post-election fears surrounding deportation makes her very anxious. She is one of 180,000 undocumented immigrants living in Silicon Valley and came from Mexico 20 years ago. "My husband has three jobs here, here just to pay rent, but we live better here than in Mexico," she said.

San Jose police and city leaders delivered a clear message to all immigrants living in Santa Clara County. "This is just a reminder to our community that's in fear right now to let them know what this police department has done, is doing and what it will continue to do," said Chief Eddie Garcia.

President-elect Trump has talked about beefing up federal immigration enforcement. The city of San Jose and other non-profit committed to helping low income immigrant families.

Lillia Sandovol works for Siren, a non-profit committed to helping low income immigrant families. "Even though someone is documented, there are civil rights that everyone has and they should use that information to protect themselves the best they can."

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The city of San Jose and advocates decided to remind a community with the second highest immigrant population in the country that there is information to protect themselves.
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