San Jose business owners say they were targeted by serial burglar

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Business owners in San Jose say a serial burglar is targeting them. Three businesses near Santa Teresa Boulevard and Snell Avenue were hit.

A surveillance camera captured a break-in at Rita's of San Jose around 4 a.m. Saturday. A rock smashes through the glass door, then a man slips in, grabs the tip jar and leaves.

Minutes later he returns, fumbles with the cash register, but leaves empty handed.

"It's very frightening. Who could do such a thing? In a community we think is so safe," said Rita's owner Annie Naqvi.

A bistro across the street was burglarized the same morning. Plywood still marks the spot. The family-owned taqueria on the corner was also hit. The burglar smashed a window and took an iPod.

"We've been here for a year and nothing ever happens. Everything looks so calm. We never thought, you never think it's going to happen to you, pretty much," said Tania Plascencia of Las Delicias del Mero, Mero.
The business owners compared surveillance video and believe it was the same man. Community members think they know who it is.

"People really got the word out and all of a sudden they started throwing out names of the person they thought it was, the suspect, and we're extremely grateful," said Rita's owner Humza Chowdhry.

The owners of Rita's are anxious for police to make an arrest, but until then they're keeping a positive attitude.

"To replace a door and to put a price on that is one thing, but I think we were so thankful that no one was hurt," said Rita's owner Annie Naqvi.

San Jose police say the suspect is still at large.
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