San Jose State student recalls terrifying moments after bullets hit main library

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Jose State student says he had to dive for cover after a bullet flew right over his head. The shooting happened at East San Fernando and South 4th Streets. It left the MLK Library and a nearby parking structure riddled with bullet holes.

Garrett Bruner was studying on the 8th floor of the Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Library in Downtown San Jose on Thursday afternoon.

The San Jose State University Freshman picked a desk next to a window for a view of Downtown San Jose.

Around 6:21 PM, a bullet had passed over Bruner's head. He shared photos of the damage from inside the library, showing and broken widow and shattered glasses.

"I see the huge hole in the glass, right above where my head is," he said. "I realize there's glass all over me. I realize there's glass all over the desk. I realize there's glass all over the floor... and we all just duck. We all drop down."

Bruner said he heard several shots, but didn't stick around to learn where they landed.

"I'm like crawling over glass. I grab all my stuff, I throw it in my bag and I basically just ran for the elevators," he explained.

San Jose Police confirmed multiple rounds hit the MLK Library and the city garage across the street. The damage was easy to see from the street-level.

Students told ABC7 News they're not surprised, though they are concerned.

Monalisa Te'o was inside the library for a school workshop. She said she was directed to the south exit because of the shooting investigation. The main entrance to the library was blocked off for much of the evening.

"Maybe walking around downtown was a little bit dangerous, but the library? That should've been a safe place," she told ABC7 News.

An alert went out to the SJSU community at 6:38 PM. The alert warned people to stay out of the area.

However, Mona Salas who lives across the street said neighbors knew nothing. She said neighbors weren't notified.

Salas was on her way to the library to return a book with her young granddaughter.

"I've heard other university students, 'Oh, did you get this? Did you get the alert,'" she explained. "That's good for them, as they should, with something going on at their school. But I'm like, I'm so close."

Of course, Bruner was even closer. He said he won't be returning to the library. As one could imagine, his farewell involved plenty of fear.

"A couple feet down, I could've just gotten shot in the head," he said.

SJPD and SJSU University PD were on-scene.

No injuries were reported.

SJPD is still searching for the gunman.
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