San Leandro High School lockdown lifted, classes canceled after graffiti threat

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KGO) -- A threat written on a bathroom wall caused a panic among parents and students Wednesday at San Leandro High School where the campus was put on lockdown.

The all clear came after three hours - three hours of students huddling under desks and locked classrooms, texting their parents about the threat.

One parent said her son told her he was terrified. She ran out of her job to the school.

Student Jordan Cobb said "I was in class and I got word there was a viral picture going around and then it was locked down."

Police say the message was scrawled in a boy's bathroom with a sharpie and it said I'm shooting to school tomorrow. I'm sick of this. Better not come. A lock down ensued as the school was searched.

Student Melissa Acevedo said students were "peeing in buckets. We couldn't get out."

Other students said they had anxiety attacks and were crying.

In the end Lieutenant Isaac Benabou with San Leandro police said "there was no violence. There are no guns found. There is no indication of a threat that took place or will take place. "

As a precaution San Leandro high school will be closed tomorrow. The lockdown meant students could not participate in their planned walk out at 10 AM. Instead they rallied after they were released at 1 p.m.

If this was a prank, in the past it might be easily dismissed but in today's climate no one was laughing.

As one student put it, "Stuff like that we can't joke about right now. This isn't funny, people losing their lives. "

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