Legal battle shuts down Friday night lights at San Marin High School

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- At Thursday night's San Marin High School homecoming parade in Novato, there was a special float calling for the lights to be turned on.

The field is dark because of a judge's restraining order stopping the school from turning on the lights for football games.

Mike Joly is an opponent and said, "He enjoined them from using the lights going forward until he has a chance to review what they've presented to protect the environment of this community."

While the judge reviews the environmental impact report, the school's homecoming game had to be moved to Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night.

Parent Dennis Mancuso said, "We're disappointed. We're not angry. We're not upset with them, we're disappointed."

"They" are members of Save San Marin-- a group opposing the use of the lights.

Video from last Saturday night's opening ceremony shows the lights on for the first time.

And Ken Levin didn't like it and said, "Imagine not car headlights but huge mega truck headlights focused on your home and the whole side of the home was lit up and you could easily read a book."

Students on the other hand, loved the lights.

Freshman David Skaggs said, "It was exciting, very cool, almost every student at the school was there."

And varsity football quarterback Matthew Sargent said, "It was an amazing opportunity to play that one time and if I don't get it again I'll be ok. I know San Marin will keep fighting for the lights."
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