San Mateo County officials pass cellphone ban in crosswalks

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- We've all heard of laws banning distracting driving. However, what San Mateo County is asking the state to do might surprise you. Officials want a ban on distracted walking.

There were 892 pedestrian deaths on California roads last year. One San Mateo County supervisor thinks he has a way to help lower that number. It comes in the form of a resolution, banning the use of cellphones in crosswalks. The board of supervisors passed it unanimously yesterday at their meeting.

The idea came from Supervisor David Canepa who told ABC7 News he wants to make sure people are looking up as they cross the street, not down at their phones.

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One person ABC7 News spoke with this morning says he's seen the trouble with distracted walking.

"I think it would be a help because they don't pay attention. I've seen people fall off the sidewalk you know, step off the curb and fall," said Ernie Brede, Menlo Park resident.

This resolution doesn't change anything yet, only the state can govern what's legal on California roads, so the resolution basically just asks the state to consider it or consider giving local jurisdictions the right to regulate the issue.

Supervisor Canepa is confident the state will take action.
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