Court workers continue to strike in Santa Clara County for second day

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- A strike by court clerks and others is making a mess out of the docket in Santa Clara County.

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On day two of the strike, union members workers are twice as resolved to continue to strike and there's no end in sight.

People lined up more than an hour early at traffic court in Santa Clara Thursday morning. "The line is actually longer today, so I'm hoping that they actually have somebody here today," San Jose resident Serena Cooper said.

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Cooper and others are trying to take care of tickets as the doors opened.

Walk-ins like Andy Dewhist were turned away. "Just have to come back when they have the clerks. He said there's no problem, I won't be in any trouble, so he just said 'show up after the strikes over,"' he said.
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"We have no clerks, we have no clerks, so keep that in mind," a guard at the door said.

While some understand the purpose of the court workers strike, most wish they'd been notified by something more than a sign on the door. "I live in Tracy, so that was really hard on me because I wish I would have known," Silvia Barretto said.

People with court business should expect delays on Friday, as well.

Union members told ABC7 News they're taking their picket lines to the new family court house. There's a big source of soreness in the union negotiation, which has no signs of heading to the table

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