Tech industry driving explosive job growth in Santa Clara Co.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Santa Clara County's economy is looking the best it has in years. This is according to a new jobs report released Friday.

"It points to a full recovery," Labor Market Specialist Janice Shriver said.

Shriver said the tech industry is driving the explosive job growth in Santa Clara County.

Apple's physical expansion is just one sign of how much the valley is expanding as well. "Certainly the tech industry, related manufacturing, professional and business services," she said.

New state employment numbers show from October to November, 5,200 jobs were added. That's not all -- the San Jose metro area is seeing the fastest job growth in the state.

Currently, the statewide unemployment is at an 8-year low.

It's welcome news for job seekers like Lisa Altera. She was recently unemployed during the recession and it took her years to find a job.

She was recently laid off again but this time around, she's optimistic.

"Several people have contacted me recently regarding opportunities," Altera said.

Altera considers herself one of the lucky ones because she was able to weather the storm and continue to live in the South Bay, while many of her friends who were laid off had to move elsewhere.

But job experts say as some are moving out, many more are moving in.
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