RESOURCES: Getting in touch, marking yourself safe during Napa, Sonoma County fires

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Getting in touch during emergencies like the fires raging in the North Bay can be tough, but there are several online resources for residents and their loved ones.

IMPORTANT: If you are in need of resources, shelter, or assistance please click here -- and we will continue to update this page for resources and complete updates on road closures, school closures, and evacuation orders.

Facebook has launched its crisis response center for those impacted by the fires.

If you are 'in' or are 'from' the fire zones you can mark yourself safe. Friends and relatives can then check in to see that you are OK.

There are now three separate pages for the Sulphur Fire, Tubbs Fire, and Atlas Peak Fire.

Each fire has its own page with maps, photos and information.

Those impacted can look through offers of help. Hundreds of people have posted offering transportation, shelter, and other help.

The Red Cross has launched its 'safe and well index,' where, like on Facebook, you can list yourself and how you are doing. Let friends and family know if you are at home or at a shelter and if you choose share information about your home, family and pets.

If you want to check on someone in the fire areas you can sign on and search for them by name and phone number, or name and home address.

Below are the two ways to mark yourself safe and to check whether friends and family are safe during the North Bay wildfires.

Facebook Crisis Response Center:

  • Crisis Response Center

  • Crisis Response Center for the Sulphur Fire

  • Crisis Response Center for the Tubbs Fire

  • Crisis Response Center for the Atlas Peak Fire

  • The pages for each fire include maps of the impacted area, along with pictures from that area posted from other Facebook users.

  • The page also includes information about the crisis, compiled by Facebook.

  • Facebook asks if you are in the affected area - and you can mark yourself safe.

  • You can check to see if you have friends in the impacted area. You can search for specific friends to see if they are affected.

  • You can also view offers of help in the area. Hundreds of people are offering transportation, shelter, information, and other help.

  • If you need to find help, or want to offer help yourself, you can choose what type of help you want, from choices like transportation, equipment, food, fuel, and other supplies.

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Red Cross Safe and Well index:

  • Click here to list yourself under the Red Cross Safe and Well website.

  • Register yourself on the site. The Red Cross asks for your name and address and best contact information.

  • You can also leave a Safe and Well message for your family and friends. Let them know if you are at home, at a shelter, how you will contact loved ones when you can. You can also choose to share information about whether your home has been damaged, if you know it.

  • You can search for friends and family as well. Search by name and phone number, or name and home address.

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