Flash flood warning for Kincade Fire Zone, residents must prepare warn fire officials

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- In the North Bay, the rain brings concern of flooding in the Kincade Fire Burn Zone. Residents in Santa Rosa are racing against the clock to get prepared.

"This is Leo he's a water dog, so he's prepared, some of the measures we took is clearing our storm drains and cleaning our gutters and putting our insurance company on notice," said Vince Valdez.

Valdez's family home in Windsor was threatened by the Kincade Fire, now they have to worry about flash flood warnings issued by the National Weather Service for those in the burn zone. The watch is from 4 pm Friday to Saturday at 4 am.

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"I'm more concerned about the water being contaminated but on another note, I'm kinda happy that some of that stuff is getting washed away," said Noelle Valdez.

Santa Rosa fire officials have been spreading the message all week, urging residents to do their part. "

"Residents need to pay attention, they need to heed to the warning and be prepared, whether it's a potential for a mudslide, debris flow or power outage we're a county that wants to continue to educate our community on what the risks are and how to prepare for them," said Fire Marshal Paul Lowenthal.

With the Kincade fire burning 78,000 acres over two weeks in October, the scar zones are especially vulnerable to heavy rains.

"There were a lot of trucks up there and they were getting the straw bales getting ready for the rain," said Gail Wright who lives near Foothill Regional Park in Windsor which burned during the fire.
"The fire burned the park and then came down, so that's why they have to do the erosion control now," said Tom Wright.

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But, while city crews are doing their best to prepare the area, officials say residents need to do their part.

"We want people to be prepared, we want people to take the steps so helps us all in the long run," said Lowenthal.

Tips from City of Santa Rosa:
  • Dispose of pet waste in a trash container.

  • Pick up leaf litter and yard clippings around your home.

  • Garden products, gas-powered garden equipment, or chemicals stored outside should be securely covered before it rains.

  • Minimize use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, and avoid applying these chemicals if rain is in the forecast.

  • Turn down your irrigation system run times during the dry fall months, and turn your system off once the rains begin.

  • Fix all car leaks.

  • Use a commercial car wash, which recycles water and keeps soap out of the storm drain.

  • If you wash your car at home, do it on a lawn and dispose bucket of soapy water in the sink.

  • Dispose motor oil, antifreeze, paint, paint thinner, batteries, and chemical cleaning products at a household hazardous waste collection facility

  • Watch the latest AccuWeather forecast and take a look at recent weather stories and videos.
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