Sonoma County protesters prepare for another evening of demonstration

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Protests in Santa Rosa are expected to continue even after police arrested close to 100 people Tuesday night for minor violence and curfew violations.

"Breaking curfew and refusing to leave a riot which is the exact words. When the cops came they refused to let us leave," said Madison Ahlborn of Guerneville.

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"Should people worry about you?" we asked Colton Silvers of Santa Rosa.

"They should worry about police who agitate us and put us in a state of chaos," answered Silvers.

Unruly activity last weekend forced Santa Rosa to declare a curfew, and then to box the downtown section behind concrete barriers. Imagine owning a business just trying to stay afloat in a neighborhood turned semi-ghost town.

"It's really weird. It's eerie," confessed Angela Grant, who owns an English tea house where she would normally see 60 customers at noon. Not with the barricades and protests.

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"It is real eye-opening that we are kind of going backward, not forwards," said Grant.

Santa Rosa Police Chief Rainer Navarro saw no other option amid continuing concerns.

"The message is abided by the curfew. We heard from other agencies that we expect protests in other areas," said Chief Navarro.

That might explain boarded windows in fashionable Healdsburg, a few miles north. They're expecting a protest Thursday night at 6. Maybe. The details remain sketchy. Locals do not seem overly concerned.

"It's too far to drive," said Tyler Cook of Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie. "Santa Rosa is much bigger."

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And yet, those boards have gone up in front of several businesses.

"If it keeps something from happening to the building, that's a good thing," said Erica Lindstom-Dale of Artisan Crafted Wines. "We don't expect problems."

Meantime back outside the jail, a confirmation that we will see more protesting, Wednesday tonight. Where? Nobody knew.

"We're not trying to hurt people," said Madison Ahlborn. "We're trying to make people feel better and safe. And show people can do the right thing without getting hurt."

That's what passes for reassurance in June 2020.

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