Students claim SAT exam answers leaked online

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A major blunder by the College Board may affect SAT test scores. It appears students in the U.S. who took the test this past Saturday may have gotten the same SAT exam administered in Asia last October.

Students spend long hours preparing for the SAT, some families dishing out thousands of dollars in tutoring fees.

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But some students in the U.S. who took the SAT this past weekend noticed they were too familiar with the test.

The leaked October version had been uploaded months ago, accessible to all. Most students saw it as a practice test. "Which means some of the people who took the test actually had seen the test before and knew the questions and answers, so obviously those people are going to get a higher score," said Test Magic's Erin Billy.

But the question remains -- how could the College Board mistakenly hand out the same test?

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Here's their statement: "If we determine students have gained an unfair advantage, we will take appropriate actions, including canceling test scores."

The test lasts about three hours. Most students take it more than once, so you can imagine many students are concerned they may have to take it again.

What the College Board will do is conduct a statistical analysis of certain test scores -- meaning if your test scores went up dramatically on this past SAT test, they could invalidate them.

On Tuesday, the College Board said scores will be out on September 7.

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