They're back! Motorized scooters will return to SF city streets with new guidelines

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Electric scooters are getting ready for a comeback in San Francisco. City transportation officials gave the green light for two scooter companies to operate in city streets.

This time there's new rules on the road.

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The whirling sound of electric scooters will soon be heard again on city streets in San Francisco.

Skip is just one of two scooter startups awarded permits to operate. Their product will be available for city riders soon. The other company allowed to distribute in San Francisco is Scoot.

"We're excited to learn how this will serve not only riders in SF, but a system that doesn't see the same backlash we saw either."

And what a backlash it was. Last spring, people were so fed up with the electric rental scooters, some wound up tossed into trees.

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After they appeared to arrive overnight, they were driven on sidewalks and parked there too, creating a hazard.
Two renegade scooter riders even ended up on the Bay Bridge.

The city was forced to confiscate them, ordering a safety review. Now, there are new rules.

"They're allowed on bike lanes, not on sidewalks," said Tom Maguire of the SFMTA. "Scoot and Skip were far and away committed to safety and accountability."

Skip's scooter has a wide standing platform and even a brake light. They also feature a list of requirements on the dashboard, which include wearing a helmet."

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If you've walked the streets of San Francisco recently, you've probably seen them -- motorized scooters parked randomly on the sidewalk.

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