ATF says cause of Ghost Ship warehouse fire still unknown

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Crews have finished the search for victims of the Oakland Ghost Ship fire and are still working to find a cause. The number of victims remains at 36.

Officials have the materials for their final stages. Lumber will be used to board up the Ghost Ship warehouse.

They aid they wouldn't it up until they feel like they can look the victim's family members in the eyes and say they thoroughly searched every bit of the warehouse.

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They have found 36 victims inside.

Officials say they've narrowed in on where the fire may have started.

"The refrigerator is something that they're looking at as a potential source of ignition. It hasn't been identified as the smoking gun, this is it," ATF Special Agent Jill Snyder said.

The city has declared a state of emergency and that will help those impacted by this fire.

They can seek state and federal funding now and that can help the victim's families and also reimburse the businesses in the area that have been closed for the last four days.

Businesses are expected to start reopening on Wednesday.

As for the criminal investigation, officials say they've recovered some cellphones from victims and they have some video from the fire, which could be a huge help as they look into what happened.

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