Think twice before you click "Trust This Computer"

Cybersecurity company Symantec is warning smartphone users to watch what you click when you plug your phone into a new device.

At the RSA Conference in San Francisco Wednesday, Symantec explained that allowing a new device to access files on your phone could open you up to hacking attacks they call "Trustjacking".

ABC7 breaks down What This Means To You. When you plug in your iPhone, you may see a popup that asks whether you want to "trust this computer" or "allow this device to access photos and videos." The warning says your settings and data will be accessible from the computer.

If you choose "Trust" or "Allow," it allows an attacker to potentially gain control of your phone.

Trustjacking also means the attacker can have control over your device even after you disconnect the cable. This happens if the attacker enables iTunes Wi-Fi sync.

What kind of information can an attacker get from your phone? If the attacker accesses an iTunes backup, that could include text messages, app data, and photos. The attacker could install malicious apps to track your moves.

Symantec says it told Apple about the problem, and Apple now requires your passcode to ensure you want to connect to the new device. However, if you give approval, your information can still be manipulated by an attacker.

There is a way to revoke access to unwanted computers, but you have to revoke access to all devices at once. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy.

After doing this, you will have to re-authorize all your trusted devices the next time you connect. And remember, your phone will still charge if you decline access to the data.

Written and produced by Miranda Dotson
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