Senator Mitch McConnell hospitalized after fall and concussion, eager to be discharged, adviser says

ByManu Raju, CNNWire
Friday, March 10, 2023
GOP leader McConnell hospitalized after fall, spokesperson says
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Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell tripped and fell Wednesday at a hotel and was hospitalized, a spokesman for the senator said. Kristin Thorne has the story.

WASHINGTON -- Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell is lobbying virtually everyone he sees at the hospital for his release and is acting like his usual self, according to a senior adviser who has spent much of the past two days with him.

The video in this article is from a previous report.

Josh Holmes, a top McConnell political adviser, told CNN that McConnell has been urging hospital staff to let him go, though he's remained there for observation since Wednesday night after falling and hitting his head during a dinner at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Doctors are treating him for a concussion.

Holmes told CNN that McConnell is acting normally and is eager to get out. When Holmes entered the room, McConnell's first question: "Did you meet with the candidates today," referring to potential Senate candidates.

The Kentucky Republican also got a briefing from his chief of staff, Sharon Soderstrom, about the Thursday conference lunch that he missed. At the lunch, Alaskan halibut was served courtesy of Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

"I'm sorry I missed the halibut," McConnell said.

McConnell has been responding to colleagues but he has been forced to limit screen time because of concussion protocol. A person familiar with the matter said that McConnell has no visible wounds from the fall.

Holmes said, "It's unquestionable" that the 81-year-old McConnell will be able to continue to serve and continue his role as Senate GOP leader.

McConnell's office declined to elaborate on the GOP leader's condition beyond that he's being treated for a concussion.

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