Move over, puppies! These portraits prove old dogs are adorable too

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Wide eyes and floppy tongues aren't just the business of puppies. A Canadian photographer is proving that senior dogs are just as adorable as younger pups in his portrait series "Old Faithful."

Pete Thorne became interested in documenting older subjects after photographing his grandmother's 100th birthday party last year. He chose to focus on senior dogs after noticing how many photographers overlook them as subjects in favor of puppies.

Although not his original intention, Thorne has grown to realize the lasting impact of his images. Owners follow-up with him after their pets pass away and many of the animals' stories involve being rescued from pet mills or the threat of being put down.

Many of the pet owners write short biographies for their dogs when Thorne photographs them.

"We no longer chase squirrels, only hunt them down with intense staring. Though his arthritis limits his flexibility, it does not limit his enthusiasm for walks and exploration through brown crunchy leaves," one person wrote of Bodley, a 12-year-old boxer-Staffordshire terrier mix.

Thorne hopes "Old Faithful" will one day be featured as a gallery show or published as a book.

See more dogs from the "Old Faithful" series on Thorne's Facebook and Instagram accounts and on his website.

Photos used with permission.