TSA trains dogs on detecting explosive at Berkeley Marina

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- Homeland Security is training several special canines to hone their skills detecting explosives at the Berkeley Marina.

One of the trainees is 3-year-old Dusty. Dusty is working with the TSA to see how she handles the boat environment.

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"Whether it's training here on ships or the BART station there are always different sights, sounds, distractions, that dogs pay attention to important to get them in different scenarios," said Nico Melendez, a TSA spokesperson.

Dusty and her handler work for The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office. Her handler says he was a little anxious wondering how she would react to the sounds of the ship.

"Some dogs will shut down, they won't work at all but she wanted to work," said Deputy Mike Cravens, Dusty's handler.

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Dusty successfully found two detonation cords onboard a Hornblower ship, one dangling from a ceiling, the other hidden behind a counter. Her handler couldn't have been prouder. "That's a good girl," said Cravens.

The TSA is responsible for certifying police dogs for mass transportation systems. If a dog fails the TSA will know the animal needs more training.

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