San Francisco condo attack suspect denied bail, remains in jail

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The man accused of attacking a San Francisco woman as she tried to enter her building earlier this month will stay in jail and has been denied bail.

The judge heard arguments from both sides, including a letter from the victim, Paneez Kosarian, who stated that she was "scarred emotionally" and her "life would never be the same."

In court, Judge Ross Moody also reviewed the security video which showed Kosarian being attacked Aug. 11, allegedly by Austin James Vincent.

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The prosecutor argued the attack was unprovoked and that he should not be on the streets. Vincent is accused of throwing Kosarian to the ground outside her residential Embarcadero building, saying he wanted to protect her from robots and that he would kill for her. She eventually was able to crawl into the building with the help of a building employee.

Vincent yelled obscenities at the judge after he was remanded into custody.

The judge noted that Vincent was previously charged in New York for a threat with a weapon.

Defense attorneys argued that Vincent should have been released because he is not a flight risk or a risk to public safety. They say he has a minimal criminal history.

"We feel very strongly that detaining him at this juncture while we figure out what the right outcome of this case is the right approach," said Alex Bastian, a spokesman for the San Francisco District Attorney.

Vincent's attorney asked the judge to let him out with an GPS monitor and enroll him a rehab program.

"I think this case provides us with a powerful opportunity to decide what we want to do and how can help people like Mr. Vincent," said Deputy Public Defender Saleem Belbahri.

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Earlier this month, a judge released Vincent. But Vincent's attorney says people who saw his mugshot identified him as being responsible for a previous incident in February. Vincent turned himself in following those allegations and the judge ordered him to remain in jail.

Vincent's attorney established that Vincent was in Southern California in February, the DA's Office said it was dropping those charges.
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