Protesters calling for resignation of San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr shut down community meeting

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco police texting scandal combined with recent police shootings in San Francisco, led a group of a 100 protesters to shut down a community meeting Tuesday night.

Protesters joined five people on a hunger strike in front of the Mission District police department in hopes of sending a message to police. The hunger strikers are heading into their seventh day without food on Wednesday.

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"We have a megaphone for you, you are more than welcome to come out there and have a conversation," protesters said.

At the start of the Mission Police Station community meeting a demonstrator made a demand that the meeting be moved outside so more people could participate.

The answer was no. With that, the meeting ended and the protest moved back outside where a small group has been on a hunger strike for nearly a week.

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"It's indefinite. There's no time. So I'm going to be out there as long as my body will allow me to be out there or the situation is rectified, whichever comes first," said Ike Pinkston, a hunger striker.

He and the other demonstrators want Police Chief Greg Suhr fired over deadly police shootings.

"I don't have any plans to resign. I plan to move the department forward," Suhr said.

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The chief also said the hunger strikers will be left alone unless the situation becomes a health issue.

Officers did not interfere with the protest even when the group moved into the intersection at Valencia and 17th streets locking traffic for nearly an hour.

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