Shannen Doherty says her breast cancer has spread

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Actress Shannen Doherty shaves head while battling cancer

Actress Shannen Doherty says her cancer has spread.

In a sit-down interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 45-year-old said her breast cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, and some cancer cells may have spread further into her body from there. Because of that, she's undergoing more chemotherapy, followed by radiation.

In July, Doherty posted several pictures on Instagram on Tuesday night showing her in various stages of cutting off her hair. She preceded the series of photos with one showing hair clippers, a cupcake pan and a box of chocolates. In the caption she added, "#cancersucks."

Doherty, who starred as Brenda Walsh in "Beverly Hills, 90210", also revealed she had a single mastectomy in May.

Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. So far, she's undergone three in a series of eight rounds of chemotherapy.