Emeryville police claim they had to shoot armed woman

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- Against a national backdrop of anger about police shootings, on Wednesday Emeryville police explained why officers opened fire with deadly force against a women on Tuesday. Police claim there was no other choice.

They are still not releasing the name of the suspect who was shot and killed by officers. They only said she is a 38-year-old African-American female who pointed a loaded revolver at officers before they fired on her.

Police say she was being detained at the Home Depot in Emeryville for shoplifting when she pulled out a gun and pointed it at store security officers. Police say she ran down Hollis under the I-580 overpass while attempting to carjack at least three vehicles.

It was at the storage building in the 3400 block of Hollis where she ran toward Ross Whitehead's car. Police say they ordered her to put down her weapon and that's when she pointed it at them and they opened fire. One of the officers fired a bullet that went through Whitehead's passenger side window.

The police chief says one officer was in a tactical position and did not strike Whitehead's car. One of the officers was wearing a body camera, but the police chief says they are being field tested and the officer forgot to turn it on during the altercation.
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