7 On Your Side finds shoppers don't like early holiday decorations

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Have you started your holiday shopping? Sounds like a crazy question, but the December shopping season keeps getting moved up. A spot check of retailers around the Bay Area doesn't find many Christmas decorations up yet, but it won't be long.

Early holiday shopping is critical to retailers, important to the economy but is a bit upsetting to most consumers.

VIDEO: Survey shows Americans tired of early holiday store displays

"All in all, retailers want to get shoppers into the stores early and we seem to be a little put off by the fact that things are starting so little early, but we are still going to the stores," said Matt Schulz, an analyst with creditcards.com.

And although the decorations aren't all out, Schulz says the holiday shopping season is in full swing.

"We are definitely in the holiday shopping season now. We did a survey that found about 34 million Americans have already started their holiday shopping and one million people have already finished," he said.

Schulz says it is unlikely the shopping season will be rolled back.

"We found in our survey that three-fourths of the people we spoke with said they were annoyed that the holiday shopping season keeps getting earlier and earlier, but the reality is as long as people keep heading to the stores earlier and earlier, the retailers are going to be pushing those start dates earlier and earlier too," explained Schulz.

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