7 On Your Side help's San Leandro woman get her money back after buying a low-burning stove at Lowe's

SAN LEANDRO, Calif (KGO) -- A San Leandro woman who bought a brand new stove from Lowe's says she put in hundreds of dollars just to get it to boil water.

Diana Cohn contacted 7 On Your Side after her brand new stove took more than 15 minutes to boil four cups of water. "It had a very low flame and I could only use these two burners," Cohn said.

When she called Lowe's to report the problem the retailer immediately agreed to replace the stove with a brand new one, but the new stove didn't work well either. "If you wanted to do a really good stir fry and get that big heat, you weren't going to get it from that stove," Cohn said.

An installer told Cohn that the problem may be her gas line, which ran underneath her house, so she saved up $860 to have a larger gas line installed under her house. But even that didn't solver her low-burning stove problems, so she went back to Lowe's to ask if they accidentally gave her a propane stove. "They said 'oh my goodness, you do have a propane stove. We don't work with that supplier anymore.'" said Cohn, even though her receipt clearly showed that she bought a natural gas stove.

Lowe's promptly sent her another new stove that now has the sizzle she wants. "It will sear a steak. It's beautiful." Cohn told ABC7 News.

When Cohn asked Lowe's to refund her for the stove and the cost of installing the unneeded gas line, they offered her a mere $500 store credit, that's when she reached out to the 7 On Your Side team.

7 On Your Side reached out to the Lowe's store and were able to get Cohn a refund of half the cost of the stove and they paid for the unneeded gas line along with all of the installation fees. "Michael Finney, thank you so much. Thank you very very much for being there for all of us." Cohn said.

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