Ask Finney: Burial plots, credit scores, online banking

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 7 On Your Side's Consumer expert Michael Finney answers your consumer questions.

Question 1:

Shirley asks: How can I sell my burial plot?

Answer 1:

First, check with the cemetery to see the rules and regulations on selling your plot before you do anything. Generally it is legal to sell the plot and sometimes the cemetery might buy-back the plot. eBay and Craigslist have many plots for sale. There are also plot brokers and online cemetery-specific sales. Be careful: there are fees. The California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau is a good starting point.

Question 2:

Debbie from Cotati asked us on Facebook: Will it hurt my credit if I lower my credit limit on my credit card?

Answer 2:
Yes, it will hurt your credit score. Credit utilization is a big part of your score. The lower your credit limit the higher your utilization. So, if you have charged $100 dollars and you have a $1,000 dollar limit you have ten percent utilization. If you drop your limit to $500 your utilization goes up to 20 percent.

You can find out more about credit limits here.

Question 3:
Jackie from San Francisco asks: I want to know the best bank, online or not, that gives the highest interest for my savings.

Answer 3:
It's one of my resolutions for 2018. Jackie, good for you thinking about saving money for the future! That changes all the time. A good place to look is You can filter what kind of savings account, like a regular or money market, how much you're depositing, and with the highest interest rate. It will list all the online and brick and mortar banks. We did one search, and at last check, the highest rate offered is 1.6 percent. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up.
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