Ask Finney: Spring break deals, disability benefits, SF parking rules

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Question 1:
Katrina from Los Gatos asked: I just found out I can take some time off to go on spring break next month. How hard is it going to be to find an affordable vacation package with only weeks to spare?

Answer 1:
You can probably still get some pretty good deals on flights, but hotels could cost you. My advice at this point is to pick the kind of vacation you want, not the destination. If you want beach, check for flights to Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. If you want Europe, don't pick a country. Pick the best airline prices.

Question 2:
John from Milpitas asked: I hurt my back and applied for disability benefits more than a month ago and haven't heard anything back yet from the state. How long does it take?

Answer 2:
There may be an issue. The state promises to get back with benefits information within two weeks. So, call and make sure all of your paperwork is in order and the process is underway. Now, it can take longer if the state investigates the claim. But, they should be able to give you an approximate date.

Question 3:
Timothy from San Francisco asked: I bought a car for my son to work on in his free time, which he'll drive when he's 16 this summer. I was told I can't legally park it on the street. Is this true?

Answer 3:
That is probably true. Parking on the street is for temporary parking, not permanent storage and definitely not for mechanical work. If the car is not licensed, it probably can't be there at all. You'll be ticketed for sure and probably towed. If it is licensed, most cities have a three day rule. It can be towed after three days if parked in the same spot. Many locations do not allow any mechanical work to be done on the road other than emergency services like flat tires, that type of thing.
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