CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Apple to allow parental control apps, FTD files for bankruptcy, and car prices are on the rise

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Apple to allow parental control apps with device-monitoring technologies

Apple is reversing its decision to remove some parental control apps from its App Store.

Previously, Apple removed apps that used "mobile device management" (MDM) technologies. These tools allow a third party to access phone information and settings such as "user location, app use, email accounts, camera permissions, and browsing history." Apple cited potential security risks to user data as the reason for the apps' removal.

However, this move was seen as anti-competitive by app-makers - and Apple is already under increased anti-trust scrutiny by federal officers.

On Monday, Apple released new App Store guidelines that allow for some apps to use MDM technologies, with a focus on parental control apps that allow parents to monitor their children's phone use.

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FTD files for bankruptcy, will continue flower and gift deliveries

Flower delivery giant FTD has filed for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection.

The company assured customers that they will still be able to order flowers and gifts for delivery.

FTD had warned in March that it might shut down if it failed to raise enough money to cover its debts by summer. An equity firm is buying FTD's North American and Latin American operations.

Part of FTD's plan to emerge from bankruptcy also includes selling off its subsidiary, Shari's Berries.

FTD has been in business since 1910.

New car prices increase almost 4 percent, nearing $40,000 per vehicle

New car prices rose almost 4 percent in May, according to Kelly Blue Book.

The current average new vehicle transaction price (ATP) is now $37,185. That's $1,320 more than May 2018.

One of the reasons cited for this increase was a surge in sales of SUVs, which cost more than smaller cars. Within the SUV category, prices rose 6.2 percent. The average cost of an electric vehicle, however, was down more than 10 percent.

As previously reported, new car sales have slowed in recent months. Combined with these higher prices, analysts says this could mean better deals for consumers later on. "The question for this year remains whether automakers will start to trade some of their pricing power for greater incentives and more sales," said Tim Fleming, an analyst for Kelly Blue Book.

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