CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Colgate debuts new recyclable toothpaste tube, McDonald's will add MSG to its chicken sandwiches, and Google's 'Smart Lock' app now available on iPhone

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Colgate unveils new recyclable toothpaste tube

Colgate is all smiles over its latest innovation: a recyclable tube of toothpaste.

The oral hygiene company is calling its "Smile For Good" line an "industry first." It took five years for the Colgate to perfect the new "high density polyethylene" tube, which is the same type of plastic as milk jugs. The lengthy development was due to previous tube attempts that Colgate found were "not squeezable enough."

The "Smile for Good" line is currently only available in the United Kingdom, but Colgate-Palmolive, Colgate's parent company, has pledged to use 100% recyclable packaging by 2025. Most toothpaste tubes are made of unrecyclable plastic and aluminum; Colgate says it is sharing its new tube technology with its competitors.

In addition to its recyclable tube, the "Smile For Good" line is also vegan and lists its ingredients -- with explanations of their purposes -- clearly on the package.

McDonald's to add MSG to its sandwiches in bid to compete with other popular chicken sandwiches

McDonald's is unleashing a secret weapon in the Chicken Sandwich Wars: MSG.

McDonald's is adding monosodium glutamate to its chicken sandwiches in 230 stores in Texas and Tennessee to test the product before expanding its availability. So far, McDonald's says, they've received a positive response from customers.

Popeye's and Chik-Fil-A already use MSG in their sandwiches.

MSG is a flavor enhancer that increases a food's savory, "umami" taste. It was once thought to cause a host of health problems, from headaches to heart palpitations -- but the studies that drew those conclusions were largely found to be flawed, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has declared MSG to be "generally recognized as safe."

Google's "Smart Lock" security key app now available for iPhone

Google is updating its "Google Smart Lock" app for iPhones, which allows you to use your iPhone to verify it's really you logging into another device.

Already available for Android users, this app uses Bluetooth to transform your phone into a security key to provide a more secure two-factor login when logging into Google's Chrome browser on a new computer or tablet.

Both your phone and the new device must have Bluetooth for the Smart Lock to work. When you log in to Chrome on the new device, a notification will show on the phone, prompted by the Bluetooth connection -- circumventing text messaging and online systems, which can be more vulnerable to hackers.

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