CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Subaru recalls over 250,000 vehicles due to engine issues, Lyft launches in-app car rentals, and AAA predicts record-breaking number of holiday travelers

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Subaru recalls over 250,000 vehicles due to engine issue that could lead to loss of power

Subaru is recalling over 250,000 vehicles, including Crosstreks, Imprezas, Foresters, and Ascents, due to an engine issue that could lead to the loss of power while driving.

According to Consumer Reports, a faulty engine part could allow oil into the combustion chamber of the engine, where it shouldn't be. The part, the positive crankcase ventilation valve, could also break off and enter the chamber. This could damage the engine, and cause it to suddenly lose power. This could result in a crash.

Customers whose vehicles are experiencing this problem may notice an increase in tailpipe exhaust, especially that of a blueish or grayish color.

Subaru has already started reaching out to customers, but vehicle owners may also contact Subaru customer service at 844-373-6614. Subaru dealers will fix the faulty part, as well as any other engine parts damaged by this issue, for free. A full list of recalled cars can be found here.

Lyft launches in-app car rental service

Lyft is going from just sharing rides to sharing full cars, announcing yesterday its new car rental service.

Lyft is debuting this new car rental service in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In San Francisco, renters will be able to choose either a Volkswagen Passat or VW Atlas SUV directly from the Lyft app. A day's rental will be about $35, depending on the day, and renters can rent the cars for one day up to two weeks.

Lyft is offering an array of perks to entice potential car renters. Individuals as young as 22 will be allowed to rent their cars, renters can get Lyft ride credits to transport themselves to and from the rental pickup and dropoff points, there will be no mileage limits, and Lyft will charge local market rate for gas so that users don't have to worry about filling up the tank.

Americans hitting the road in record-breaking numbers this holiday season

A record-breaking 115.6 million Americans are set to travel between December 21 and January 1, according to AAA's 2019 holiday travel report.

4.3 million more travelers are hitting the road than last year. It's the highest number in almost 20 years, when AAA started tracking holiday travel back in 2001.

Most -- 91% -- will be driving. Global transportation analysts INRIX warned AAA that traffic is expected to be at its worst the day after Christmas, December 26. AAA anticipates having to rescue 853,000 stranded motorists through the holiday period.

Analysts attribute this increase in driving to a solid job market, rising wages, and falling gas prices.

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