FINNEY'S FRIDAY FREE STUFF: Bags of Peter's Kettle Corn and tickets to the San Francisco Dungeon's new "Chinatown Gang Wars" interactive show!

This week, we have delicious Peter's Kettle Corn and tickets to the San Francisco Dungeon's new "Chinatown Gang Wars" interactive show!


We are giving away a "Gift Bag #1" sized bag of popcorn, valued at $2.75.

To claim your free popcorn, visit and click the link for "Finney's Friday Free Stuff." Fill out the form to receive your coupon, which is redeemable at the Peter's Kettle Corn store at 4139 MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland.

About Peter's Kettle Corn

Gift Bag #1s are Peter's Kettle Corn's most popular bag size for Special Event Packaging as favors for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and other life events! Those lucky 300 who receive a coupon will be able to select their flavor upon arrival from our glass cases featuring: Classic Kettle Corn, Cheddar Cheese, Sea Salted Caramel, Spicy Chipotle Lime, Buffalo Cheddar, and Smoked BBQ.

For more information, visit Peter's Kettle Corn's website.

We're giving away tickets to the San Francisco Dungeon's new interactive show, "Chinatown Gang Wars," a $25 value each.

To claim your ticket, visit this exclusive Eventbrite page and fill out the form. (Limit 1 ticket per person.)

About the San Francisco Dungeon
The San Francisco Dungeon is a 60 minute, live-actor led experience with a full theatrical cast, 360 degree sets, and special effects. You can see, hear, and smell the characters of the bad old days as they come to life before you. You'll be immersed in SF's dark and sinister history.

The San Francisco Dungeon now has a limited-time show called "Chinatown Gang Wars." In 1895, the streets of Chinatown were violent and dangerous. A notorious gangster, Little Pete, was the leader of the Som Yop Tong. The streets of Chinatown were infested with severed limbs and gang fights. During the show, guests are invited into a Chinatown morgue to seek safety from these vicious streets. They'll meet the mortician and his assistant, who use Asian shadow puppets to tell stories about the gang wars, Little Pete, and Chinatown in 1895.

The San Francisco Dungeon is located at 145 Jefferson Street. Hours vary - please refer to the website for updated visiting hours.

For more information, visit the San Francisco Dungeon's website.


Finney's Friday Free Stuff is available to ABC7 viewers ONLY. Due to limited quantities, we limit one product or offer per household and you ARE NOT GUARANTEED to receive the above-mentioned offers.
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