Shopping for mom? Great deals for Mother's Day

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Mother's Day is coming up so if you don't know what you're getting mom, keep reading.

At least 86 percent of us will celebrate Mother's Day. On average we will spend $180. That is serious cash, so spend wisely.

Flowers, chocolate and jewelry are part of the Mother's Day big three. They are classics for a reason -- moms like them. However, if you want your money to go far, the experts at DealNews will tell you think outside the box.

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Janice Lieberman is a consumer expert with the website, DealNews. She recommends steering away from jewelry. "Don't think jewelry because we are not going to see great deals on jewelry," Lieberman said. Instead she said to shop electronics. "Does mom need a new TV? We are going to see TVs go down by 40 percent."

Lieberman said Kindle e-readers, iPads and spring clothing will be on sale too. And if you really want to think outside the box she has another suggestion, "If you have the guts and you can do it, now is the time to get a great deal on a bathing suit," she said. "The inventory is there and actually, I am not sure why they are offering deals pre-summer."

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The Gift Card Girlfriend, Shelley Hunter, said for your Mother's Day meal you can save if you get in on some of the restaurant bonus offers now out there for Mother's Day. "For example at Panera, if you buy a $50 gift card you can get a bonus card that's worth $10," Hunter said.

Consumer Minna Miller is all about the bonus gift card. She likes the flexibility saying, "What's nice about the gift card is I can use it for myself or I can give it someone else plus, I get the extra $10," Miller said.

Keep in mind, however, bonus gift cards can be tricky since normal gift card rules don't apply. "For example with the Panera gift card, you buy the gift card now and the promotion gift card will be good in June," Hunter said.

Upscale restaurants like Morton's Steakhouse are also offering bonus cards, so are stores like JCPenney, the Gap and Brooks Brothers.

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