Sierra LaMar's mom testifies in Antolin Garcia Torres murder trial

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017
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Sierra LaMar's mom gave an emotional testimony Tuesday on a man named Antolin Garcia Torres who is accused of killing her daughter five years ago.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Sierra LaMar's mother Marlene LaMar gave an emotional testimony Tuesday against a man accused of killing her daughter five years ago.

Sierra's mother and her older sister Danielle LaMar both were called to testify, focusing on March 16, 2012 - the day Sierra disappeared.

From the stand, Marlene told jurors her last contact with Sierra was when they hugged and said they loved each other as Marlene left for work, leaving it to Sierra to get dressed and get to the bus stop on her own, on time. She texted Sierra twice that day to remind her to wipe up the tub and to check if she was visiting a friend after school, but there was no response. Sierra also didn't respond to calls.

The jury then listened to the 911 call to report Sierra missing. "I can't imagine going through that particular day all over again, reliving it, hearing the recording. She's being extremely strong," friend and search volunteer Kelli Wilkins said.

Marlene was also shown clothing and other items later found in a bag. She confirmed they were Sierra's. "This clothing, the makeup were her last mementos and she can't even touch them. It's excruciating for absolutely everybody involved," Marc Klaas said.

Danielle confirmed Sierra was totally dependent on her parents and would never abandon her friends.

However, legal analyst Steven Clark said the defense at some point may try to raise some doubts, implying she ran away. "They want to establish that there could be things that Sierra's mother didn't know about her daughter, that there were things going on with her daughter that she would only share with her friends. But if the defense does not go lightly with this testimony, I think that could backfire," Clark said.