San Jose law enforcement targets sideshows, racers

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Sideshows and street racing are becoming a major issue in San Jose. On Sunday night, police called in help to try to get one that involved hundreds under control.

We learned Monday morning that an officer was hit by a car during the operation and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. A sergeant told us they're still looking for that driver, who's wanted for assault with a deadly weapon.

San Jose police, along with the CHP, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office and Morgan Hill police, targeted racers and sideshows on Sunday.

"When you're out on public streets doing donuts or excessive speed and so forth you run the risk of losing control of the vehicle and crashing into other vehicles or pedestrians," said San Jose Police Department Lt. Brian Anderson.

Video shows the operation on Hostetter Road near Interstate 680. Police estimate hundreds were involved Sunday night and tracked some of them on to Capitol Expressway.

"With the advent of how well people can communicate with each other, the sideshows pop up all over the Bay Area. And San Jose is just like any other city in the Bay Area," said Anderson.

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More sideshows are popping up in San Jose.

Video from last weekend, Oct. 21 and Oct. 22, shows one on Highway 87 at Skyport Drive. Besides the speeding cars, cameras caught people spray painting the center dividers.

Roads were blocked off by the sideshow and traffic stopped. Video shows people walking, putting themselves and their vehicles at risk.

Police ended up tracking some of the racers to Ridder Park Drive and Brokaw Road and detained them.

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Over the past two weekends, police say they arrested four people for reckless driving and outstanding warrants; nine citations were issued and nine vehicles impounded.

"It really does create a danger to the public and really should be taken off the streets," Anderson said.

Police say operations like this one that targeted sideshows and street racing will continue in San Jose. And if they need more help, they'll ask neighboring agencies.

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