SJ teacher allegedly threatens student who didn't stand for national anthem

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A teacher from Oak Grove High School in South San Jose will be interviewed for the first time by district officials Wednesday afternoon after being put on paid leave.

According to district trustee, a student refused to stand for the national anthem and the teacher then allegedly said the student could be deported under President Trump.

"Apparently, the national anthem was being played at a rally. A student did not stand and was asked to stand and declined. And the teacher allegedly made an inappropriate remark about the student being deported now under President Trump," said Manuel Herrera, am East Side Union High School district trustee.

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Herrera says the process is to find out if the allegations are true. If they are, what kind of punishment will take place. If they find she did something wrong, her discipline could be a letter of reprimand and/or suspension.

Superintendent Chris Funk posted a letter on the district's website along with the president of the East Side Teachers Association, calling the election the most divisive in his lifetime.

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Funk also let everyone know that 90 percent of the district's funding comes from the state and that the president has no authority over their schools and how they run them.

ABC7 News reached out to the teacher for comment but have still not received a response.

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