SJ updates disaster plan as hurricanes unfold in Texas, Florida

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Red Cross volunteers left the Bay Area Tuesday on a cross country road trip.

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They're headed to Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Irma is coming in rapid succession after Houston's deadly and devastating Hurricane Harvey. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo calls the storms "a wake-up call."

Of course, California is not in danger of being hit by a hurricane. But San Jose suffered severe flooding in February and an earthquake could strike at any time.

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For those reasons, Liccardo says a city like San Jose has to have a current and robust disaster preparedness plan. He says a city can't count on FEMA or other federal help to show up immediately following a disaster. A city has to be able to take care of itself-at least at first-especially when it comes to setting up emergency shelters.

San Jose's Office of Emergency Services is currently updating the city's emergency operations plan.

The Director of Emergency Management says it was clear after the February floods that information, like shelter capacity, was out of date. Ray Riordan also says technology is constantly changing so the plan has to integrate new technology.

Riordan adds that families should keep their own emergency plans updated as well-for home, work, and school.

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