San Jose State installs gunshot detection devices, license plate readers for safety

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Mysterious white and grey metal boxes have started appearing on the campus of San Jose State University. Campus police say the boxes which are attached to light poles are gunshot detection devices. They were installed recently as an extra layer of security to help university police.

SJSU says the company that makes the devices, V5 Systems, uses artificial intelligence to develops a profile of the crime environment over time. Ten devices have been strategically placed throughout campus in high traffic and high crime areas. When a gun shot is detected, police dispatchers will get an alert pinpointing the location.

Captain Alan Cavallo says a specific incident did not prompt the university to beef up security. This has been in the works for the last two years and money in the budget has been earmarked for it. As part of the extra layer of security, cameras are being installed in all of the campus parking garages.

The university has also ordered license plate readers which will help police identify suspects and aid in investigations. Captain Cavallo says chemical detection will be integrated into the system in the near future.

Most students say they're happy about cameras in the parking garages because they don't feel safe walking alone at night in them. Some say they're surprised to hear gun shot detectors were installed, but think in the long run it will be a helpful tool for police.
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