Fraud alert issued about apparent calls from Social Security

AARP has issued a fraud alert warning the public about a robocall impersonating someone from the social security administration. 7 On Your Side has learned people here in the Bay Area received such calls.

"I mean it just sounds really bad."

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Cindy Wright of Bay Point describes the identical robocalls she received this morning within two hours of each other.

"They called again. At 9:52. They called me three times," she said.

She heard a recorded robocall claiming to be somebody from the Social Security Administration.

"We have got an order to suspend your social at very right moment because we have found many suspicious activities on your social before we go ahead and suspend your number kindly call," the robocaller said.

"It scares me. I am trying to collect social security and get disability," Cindy said.

She found the call suspicious, but decided to call anyway just in case.

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Lori Wilson of the Golden Gate Chapter of the Better Business Bureau says that's what the callers want you to do.

Once they get you on the phone, they'll ask you to wire money, pay with gift card or load a prepaid debit card.

"In 2018 there was a 4666 percent increase in people who reported and loss money. There was a $10 million loss," said Lori Wilson, CEO of the Golden Gate Chapter of the Better Business Bureau.

I decided to give the number a call in hopes of getting answers. It was a very short call.

"I'm a television reporter and I wanted to talk to you to find out what the legal enforcement action is?...Hello, the phone is dead," I said.

Cindy also called the number. But when she insisted on asking questions, they hung up on her as well.

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"Because they knew that I was on to them."

This is a variation of the IRS scam where someone impersonating an IRS agent warns you'll be put in jail if you don't send money for back taxes. The Social Security Administration warns if you get a call from someone claiming to be with them, hang up. If you want to be doubly sure, call the Social Security Administration at the number you'll find in the phone book, not the number the robocaller gives you.

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