500 Intel drones light up skies above Travis Air Force Base

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- Travis Air Force Base's Independence Day drone light show as postponed on July 4 due to heavy winds, but families didn't have to wait too long for another shot to see the dazzling spectacle.

It was a day late, and there was even a chance of the show not happening but in the end, spectators loved every minute of it.

Five hundred Intel drones lit the night sky at Travis Air Force Base as hundreds of service members and their families watched in awe.

"I just thought it would be something really neat to see something different than fireworks. I love fireworks I do, but drones," said spectator Diane Ruff.

Each drone is equipped with its own light.

"It shines a really bright light so there's a light that creates four billion color combinations," said Cheung.

The red, white, and blue colors illuminated high above the base for a spectacular Independence Day show that was supposed to take place on July 4 but strong wins kept the drones grounded.

"That's the biggest challenge we have with an outdoor light show," said Cheung. "We can't control the weather and we cross our fingers and look at the data to make sure we fly."

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The drones can fly in up to 18 mile-per-hour winds. Winds on the 4th were over 30 miles per hour. Families don't seem to mind the delay.

This was the first time the base opened its gates for an Independence Day event. Having fireworks was not an option.

Colonel Matt Leard said, "Some of our younger airmen said, 'How about going out and getting a drone show. We don't have to worry about the fire danger' and all that sort of stuff."

And the show did not disappoint.

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