Texas officers welcome 7-year-old battling cancer to the force

HOUSTON, Texas -- The city of Bellaire welcomed its newest and youngest officer to its force this year. Max Boatwright took his oath Tuesday morning.

Officer Boatwright earned the honorary status for the day after he showed amazing courage, bravery and resilience during his fight against cancer.

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The 7-year-old battled a brain tumor and leukemia, and recently went through a bone marrow transplant.

"I'm going to be a police officer. I wanted to be one, and they invited me," said Boatwright.

When ABC13 reporter Steve Campion asked him why he wanted to be a cop, his answer was simple.

"Because I get to catch bad guys like the Joker," Boatwright replied.

Trey Boatwright, the child's father, said the experience meant the world to his son.

"He loves police. He loves Batman, superheroes and firemen," Trey said.

The nonprofit Stuff the Sleigh helped organize the event for Boatwright and his family.
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