ABC7 News Stars: Yvonne and Lee Ball, CASA

TRUE BELIEVERS: Daquan Jackson had no one to talk to. He felt like he couldn't trust anyone. He was surrounded by negativity and bounced around from family to foster care. He was just 11 years old. It was hard for Daquan to see any hope for his future. Then he met the people that changed his life, Yvonne and Lee Ball. Yvonne and Lee met Daquan through a very special program called CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children). CASA trains volunteers to become the voice and support for kids who find themselves in the court system. Eventually these three became a different kind of family.

Yvonne and Lee gave Daquan what he needed most; direction and someone to rely upon. They pushed him to be his best, they supported him, and most importantly, they believed in him. Eventually Daquan achieved what seemed out of his reach, a high school diploma. He was even asked to speak at his graduation ceremony. Now, Daquan is over 18 years old and living life on his own. A lot has changed but for one thing always stays the same -- Yvonne and Lee by his side, believing in him every day.

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