Alamo friends band together to recover flushed engagement ring

ALAMO, Calif. (KGO) -- Haleigh Morrissey loves her engagement ring. But for more than 48 hours, she thought it was gone for good.

Saturday, she'd accidentally flushed it down the toilet after her fiancé left it by the sink to dry.

Her fiancé, Dean Booras, expected the worst. "I thought there is no chance in the world that we were ever gonna see it again."

The neighbors quickly rallied to help, and from this cell phone video you can see, they weren't afraid to get dirty.

They got a camera, found the sewer lateral and started digging, cutting, and sifting through, you know what.

Neighbor Brett Gunari volunteered to help. He said he,"had to watch a bunch of Youtube videos to know how to use the snake with a wand."

But still no ring.

Then another neighbor, Ken Gunari, who is a building inspector, had one last idea: "Turn on the bathtub, flush the toilet, dump the 2 five gallon buckets of water into the toilet all at once. "

And two hundred feet down the line a rush of water filled the trench.

The group of friends suddenly started yelling, "oh man, look at that,"

There it was, Halleigh's ring -- definitely dirty, a little dinged up, but still intact.
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