Ask Finney: Mobile health screenings, annuities, wrong online orders

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 7 On Your Side's Consumer Expert Michael Finney answers your consumer questions.

Question 1:

The first question comes from Kathryn via e-mail, asking: I am wondering if the mobile health screenings that go around town are legit?

Answer 1:

Some are, some aren't. First, they need to be licensed or registered with the California Department of Public Health and have the proper paperwork filed. Before going in, ask who is sponsoring the screening and why. Also, in these days of ID theft, know how the results will be used.

Think twice before giving out your personal information like your social security number. These things can be lifesavers, and that is not an overstatement, but so can making an appointment with your family physician.

Question 2:

Christine asks: I recently heard about annuities on the radio. Are they worth getting?

Answer 2:

Annuities are basically a pension that you set up. In the classic annuity, you put in a bunch of money and the company pays you an agreed-upon amount of money each month until you die. It's worth considering to cover your basic financial needs. But here's the deal: annuities can be very expensive, and in the past, there have been rip-offs associated with them. So before buying, study up, and talk with a financial advisor.

Question 3:

Tiffany asked on Twitter: I made my first purchase from a website, but when I received my order, one of the two products was incorrect.

Answer 3:

Okay, these things happen sometimes because the company made a mistake, sometimes because you did. Most online companies send you a receipt and a return addressed label so you can return the item if something like this comes up. If that paperwork doesn't have the return and exchange policy written down, go online and check out the website. If you need some help, call my hotline here at the station and we will walk you through the process. You can also contact me online.

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