Ask Finney: Smog certification requirements, package delivery responsibility, free credit reports

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Question 1:
Jill asked on Facebook: I have a 1990 Toyota Corolla and thought after 25 years, my car didn't have to be smogged. The DMV told me otherwise. Who's right?

Answer 1:
You have the right concept, but your car isn't old enough to dodge the smog test. The model would have to be 1975 or earlier. There are exceptions for electric cars, diesels and non-passenger vehicles. A Toyota Corolla doesn't fit any of those categories. So, the DMV is right. It's time to hit your local smog station.

Question 2:
Eve from San Mateo asked: Are the employees of delivery companies required to knock or the ring the doorbell when dropping off a package?

Answer 2:
There is no law about this and rules vary between delivery services. Both U.P.S. and the United States Postal Service train their employees to ring the bell or knock, but they're not required to wait for someone to come to the door unless the package requires a signature. Generally, policy states customers are allowed to request specific delivery instructions like "leave the package at the back door." That includes requesting the delivery person to knock or ring your doorbell. If you're concerned about package theft, check if the delivery service has secured locations where you may pick it up yourself.

Question 3:
David asked: Who do we contact for our free, annual credit report?

Answer 3:
I get asked this a lot and there's no better time than now to get into the habit of checking your credit report at least once a year. will give you three each year. That's one from each major credit reporting agency. You could get them all at once to compare and make sure there are no discrepancies. Or, if you're really tenacious or think your information has been compromised, you could get one credit report every four months.
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