Bay Area mourns rapper Nipsey Hussle

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The Bay Area is mourning the loss of rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot and killed Sunday night outside a building he owned in Los Angeles. The investigation is ongoing and police have not located the shooter.

Tributes to Hussle are pouring into Bay Area radio stations like KMEL 106.1

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The Southern California rapper's influence traveling all the way up the coast.

"Everybody shared a respect for him," said DJ Sana G.

"The guy was about buying back the block," said DJ DC.

Investing financially and energetically in his community, much like Stanley Cox, best known as rapper Mistah F.A.B. who also has his own store in Oakland, Dope Era.

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Stanley Cox, A.K.A. Mistah F.A.B, reflects on rapper Nipsey Hussle after he is shot, killed in Los Angeles.

"Me and Nipsey Hussle have been friends for several years coming up in the ranks of hip hop," said Cox.

"For a man so young to be so heavily involved in things of that nature is another reason why he will be far more respected outside of just being a rapper and being an entrepreneur, and most of all the pride that he took in being a father and a parent," he continued.

It's a pride that he shared with the Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry who is also a dad, as the two got to know each other during an episode of Curry's web series "5 minutes from home with Stephen Curry."

"When I realized I was going to be a father my life wasn't secure at that point. In hindsight that's probably the best thing I did was have kids for real," Hussle told Curry.

"People that hear your music you want them to feel inspired," said Curry.

"What's the metric? Because it's not that you heard one good song and you want to hear what else is on the album, that used to be what motivated the purchase. Right now the metric is really inspiration," said Hussle.

"I got to know him last year and had a great conversation about who he was as a person what he stood for what his message was," said Curry.

Curry posting on Instagram, "Just got to know you! Rest in Paradise."
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