Bay Area staffing agency says more workers 'ghosting' job interviews

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The hot job market is forcing companies to change how they interview and hire people because a growing number of applicants are "ghosting" them -- not bothering to show up for job interviews.

Scott Dicke is the director of permanent placement for Robert Half, a prominent Bay Area staffing firm that places thousands of applicants into jobs every year. Those jobs range from entry level $50,000 positions to $200,000 management positions. He says the "ghosting" problem is growing.

"They will accept the job, sign the offer and get all set up and into the system and then not show up," Dicke said.

Five years ago he says only 1 percent of applicants wouldn't bother to show up for an interview. Now it's 10 to 20 percent. He says it's not just millennials. The ghosting issue spreads across all generations.

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Some job seekers say "ghosting" seems unethical, but they understand why people ignore job offers and move on. They describe the Bay Area employment market as having many opportunities with high pay.

So the ghosting is forcing firms to modify their hiring practices. No more long delays. Recruiters say instead of saying "we will get back to you in a week" they are telling applicants "we will get back to you tomorrow."

And they encourage candidates to start the new job as soon as possible to keep other companies from poaching them in a hot employment market.

Dicke says, " The expectations are fast and we have to adjust."

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