Boy battling brain disorder scores touchdown

TAYLOR MILL, KY -- A dream came true on the gridiron as a 7-year-old boy scored the touchdown of a lifetime.

Bryce Snider was born with schizencephaly, a rare brain disorder that was caused by a stroke in utero. He is completely immobile, and has no use of his extremities.

That didn't stop him from rushing over the goal line Sunday afternoon.

"Our goal was to try and give the family and Bryce a memory that they are going to be able to cherish forever," John Bennett, Taylor Mill's football director, said.

That plan was hatched early this season.

For four years, Bennett has watched Bryce show up to every practice to be at the side of his brother, Braylen.

On Sunday, the Eagles gave Bryce the chance to experience football like they do -- on the field and in the end zone.

"They had this crazy idea that they had to get Bryce on the field and we were all for it," Bennett said.

Sitting in his wheelchair, Bryce was pushed over the goal line by his brother.

"Braylen was so proud to be able to be the one to push him over the goal line, and for him to be the one to help him get to this point," Bryce's mother, Nicole Timmerding, said.

Bryce's parents said they continue to be touched by the support they received from both teams. WLWT reports that families on the opposing team's sideline even helped, kicking in donations as Bryce's family strives to purchase a specially-equipped van for the 7-year-old.

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