#CAstruggles campaign trying to get Californians to move to Phoenix, AZ

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- We've all heard about how Californians are leaving this state because of the high cost of living-but some of them are being prodded.

We've been keeping an eye on a Twitter campaign from business interests in Phoenix. #CAstruggles features potholes, traffic jams, high taxes, home prices, and rents.

On Tuesday, they came to San Francisco driving a car with their message emblazoned on both sides.

"I think California is a great innovation economy. Problem is companies cannot go to scale," said Chris Camacho, CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Camacho's message-- that they would have a better chance in the economically friendly Arizona desert.

"These carpetbaggers show up every year," countered Rufis Jeffris of the San Francisco Bay Area Council. "They come from Texas, Nevada, Iowa, even Oregon. But our polls show that even with our troubles, this is a great place to live."

#CAstruggles hopes to attract employers to Arizona with lower average payrolls, benefits, and a more friendly towards business. The average Phoenix home sells for $250,000. State income taxes top out at approximately three-percent.

The workers we met in San Francisco, Tuesday, weren't buying it.

"Is life about numbers?" asked Susie Lipps, who moved to Healdsburg.

"It's too hot," said Devin Grubb.

"They have 300 golf courses," we reminded her.

"I don't like golf."

The Phoenix contingent notes that thousands of Californians move to better lives and Arizona every year.

"We are selling what would make sense to people in terms of livability," said Camacho.

Camacho claims that Phoenix is the fourth most millennial-friendly city in America and that Travel and Leisure Magazine named it the nation's #1 pizza city.

The claim did not play well at Golden Boy Pizza in North Beach.

"I never heard of North Beach, Arizona," said Gavin Zeltmann.

We should add that the specific language he used had extra sauce.

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